Christoph Grizzard Asked to Speak at Top Industry Conference

Christoph Grizzard

Being asked to speak at any conference can add a huge amount of pressure, but when you know that it is one of the top ones in the world then the stakes are even higher! Christoph Grizzard is honoured to have been asked to speak at the direct marketing industry’s top conference being held in Barcelona this weekend. Luckily, public speaking is something that comes easily to Christoph Grizzard and he is well known for his motivational speaking, his entrepreneurship and his successful company, Avant Garde Milano. Christoph is also no stranger to industry conferences having recently attended and spoken at events all over the world including Spain, Italy, Poland, the USA, South Africa and the United Kingdom. This particular conference being held in Barcelona is a highlight in his diary because more nations are attending than ever before. It promises to educate, inform and enable delegates to learn about new and current trends. It will also provide a valuable opportunity for fellow professionals to network and make new contacts. These industry events are a wonderful opportunity to learn and be inspired and it’s no surprise that the delegate list is so impressive.

Taking the time out of a busy schedule to attend such conferences can be tricky but it really is worth the effort. Christoph Grizzard says, ‘I have always valued conferences such as this one because they provide a wealth of opportunity. I have made connections at industry events that have helped me get to where I am today and I will always make room in my diary to ensure that I am there. The amount of information that I would miss out on if I did not attend scares me. If you take your place in the industry seriously then you have to be there come what may otherwise you will get left behind.’

With a background in sales and marketing, Christoph Grizzard has made a career out of his expertise. His knowledge within the direct marketing world knows no bounds and his results speak for themselves. Any business that is interested in boosting their customer base and raising profits needs to consider using the techniques of direct marketing as it is the most cost-effective, results-driven method that there is. It’s no wonder that entrepreneurs such as Christoph Grizzard are in such high demand. He is very much looking forward to networking and socialising with other industry specialists at the weekend and is also excited about delivering his speech to so many leading figures.

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