Christoph Grizzard Discusses the Importance of Planning a Schedule and Sticking to It

Schedule - Christoph Grizzar

When asked what comes to mind when you think of high powered business professionals, the one of the first thing that probably comes to mind is ‘stress.’ That is a common concept and one which probably needs to be dispelled. If you ever get a face-to-face with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you will find that most of them have a calm and stress-free aura about them as they go about their day to day affairs. Why do you think this is Christoph Grizzard Asks?

According to Christoph Grizzard, CEO and successful entrepreneur, one of the main reasons why successful business men and women reach the pinnacle of their career is because they had a plan, a detailed schedule, right down to minute details. By making a plan and sticking to it, he feels that “it is possible to maximize your time. This is a critical facet of any business so that you know what you are doing, when you are going to do it and how you are to accomplish it, step-by-step. Your plan is your roadmap to success.”

It is possible to see how this is such a vital part of any business just by looking at how lenders review applications for business loans. One of the most important aspects of the loan application is the business plan that is submitted at the time. If you don’t have a detailed business plan charted out, it is highly unlikely that the loan will be approved. Bankers want to know that you have the prospects of repaying money you borrow and that business plan is a form of security.

Christoph Grizzard explains that the amount of stress you experience is directly related to your uncertainty about what will happen next. “Keep that plan, that schedule, with you at all times so that you can refer to it if needed. This is a way to maximize your time so that you accomplish more with less effort. Not having a plan results in chaos more times than not.” Which, of course, leads to stress.

In the world of business it has become almost cliché to say “Work smarter, not harder,” but that’s the golden rule Christoph Grizzard lives by and his high level of success proves the point. In his webinar that he hosts alongside several other highly successful entrepreneurs, Christoph emphasizes the need to keep your focus with a well-charted map developed to maximize your time and minimize your efforts.

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