Christoph Grizzard Explains How to Avoid the Most Popular Startup Mistakes

Christoph Grizzard

Avant Garde MilanoAvant Garde Milano – It has always been inevitable that in the world of business, mistakes will be made. Every one of us has had an experience which we may later regret. Learning from other people’s mistakes can be a great way to minimize your own. Christoph Grizzard, Managing Director of Avant Garde Milano advises “One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is getting caught up in the moment: running with your idea or opportunity and spending time and money on developing it, without first doing the right planning.”

It is natural when you have an idea, or are presented with a business opportunity, to get excited. It is, however, absolutely vital for you to do your research. Look at your market thoroughly until you know it inside out. Think carefully before taking the plunge. You can lose a lot by jumping in and not researching whether it is a viable business idea.
On the flip-side don’t over-analyse one particular deal to death as this can deflate morale in a huge way. Managing Director of Avant Garde Milano, Christoph Grizzard says, “The solution is not to be so drawn into the detail that we forget to ask the right, simple question – is it a viable business?”
When you are doing your research make sure you are asking the right questions from the outset. Don’t get bogged down in the details, and look at the bigger picture.
Another mistake that often is made in business is passing the buck. You are ultimately the one responsible for your business, not those whose services you are paying for. This is a common error entrepreneurs make. You are responsible for checking and signing off every aspect of your business.
Every single entrepreneur will make a mistake in their career. Whatever your mistake, the key is analysing what went wrong. You must identify why the problem arose, identify the flaw and then work on making sure that you do not repeat it. Avant Garde’s Managing Director Christoph Grizzard comments that, “Some mistakes can be easily rectified, Others will result in certain ideas or businesses coming to an end; the important thing is to remember that a setback doesn’t equate to failure.”
Behind every successful entrepreneur there are numerous stories of big mistakes. Remember this: you are not judged by the mistakes you make, but by how you deal with and learn from them.


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