Christoph Grizzard Explains What It Means to Be a Team Player

Team - Christoph Grizzard

As a leading global marketing entrepreneur and public speaker, Christoph Grizzard knows what it is to build a successful team. He explains that few entrepreneurs ever made it without the support of team players and here he talks about some of what it takes to be that much needed team player.

“I have seen both highly successful entrepreneurs and those who never got their ‘ideas’ off the ground. What I have found to be the main difference is that a successful entrepreneur knows that he is not an island and can’t function alone. Those who never reach any great level of success have egos larger than the continent of Australia and as a result, don’t want to share their moment of glory with anyone. Unfortunately, with a mind-set like that, they rarely get their moment in the sun,” he says.

So, knowing that success is a team effort, what exactly does it take to be a team player? First, as is evidenced by Christoph’s statement, ego needs to take a back seat if you are going to realise your goals. Although each member of the team brings something different to the table, each has valuable input that should be considered and acted upon.

Secondly, each member of the team needs to have confidence in himself or herself but more importantly, according to Christoph Grizzard, they need to have confidence in the team. This often means carefully selecting a team that has the ability to work well together. If there is friction, it is difficult to build confidence, so choose your players wisely.

When there are a group of individuals it is easy to lose sight of where you are going. Team players help each other maintain focus throughout whatever project they happen to be working on. The team leader is ultimately responsible for calling wanderers back to the table and keeping focus, but each team player needs to stay focused as well.

Finally, “A team isn’t a team unless they know how to communicate. I have often found brilliant people who would have made an excellent addition to teams I was building except for the fact that they were unable or unwilling to communicate on an interpersonal level. They could communicate ideas at times, but lacked the ability to assimilate what others were saying. I would like to think that this was a subconscious move on their part but it could very well have to do with ego. That person may have thought that his or her ideas were so much better and why they refused to hear what others were saying.”

As a marketing expert, an entrepreneur and a hugely successful motivational speaker, Christoph Grizzard is in high demand around the globe. If you are in the process of building a team, these ideas on what it takes to be a team player can be an invaluable resource. Heed them wisely.

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