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Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard is now thrilled to announce to the public that he is accepting applications for two incredibly competitive, and fully funded programs which have been designed specifically for enthusiastic young artists, scholars and musicians with a solid business and scholastic plan. Christoph Grizzard is providing the option for individuals who lack the sufficient funding to see their ideas achieve success to apply for their chance at funding and mentorship. Each year, a team of judges will choose one successful candidate from the pool of applications. The student that is selected will receive a 12 month scholarship, providing that they have been accepted into an abroad study program in any university, either through their university or independently. Christoph Grizzard himself dedicates his time to personally reviewing each application alongside his team in order to select the ideal annual or biannual candidate.

In order to get started in the application process, Christoph Grizzard asks individuals to send two emails with a selection of important information including their name and surname, current and permanent US address and at least one letter of recommendation from professors or community leaders. The lucky individual who receives the twelve month scholarship will find that it fully pays for the tuition. On top of this, they will be given the choice of fully-funded room and board at a location that has been approved by A weekly stipend of €350 a week after tax will be provided to cover necessary living costs, and all of the university required material such as books, fees and manuals will be funded too.

In regards to his reasons behind funding such a fantastic program, Christoph Grizzard explains his experiences as an aspiring musician fortunate enough to study beneath one of the most talented performers in his field, Cassie Lee, a member of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. He notes that his experience of her as a teacher in Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee helped to shape the path of his future, giving him unprecedented access to knowledge and skills gleaned from an expert in his field. He mentions that the only reason he managed to gain that opportunity was through a strongly funded merit-based scholarship program. Because of that, he understands the importance of his study abroad program, and hopes that it ‘provides an unforgettable and truly awesome experience that will shape your future as it has mine.’

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