Christoph Grizzard l 8 Steps to Better Leadership

Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard, CEO: Avant Garde Milano – When was the last time you smiled in the workplace?

It may not seem like an important thing for a manager to remember, what with all the other more pressing matters a manager has to contend with these days, but Christoph Grizzard, founder and CEO of Avant Garde Mialno, reckons a little bit of good nature goes a long way, and he should know. “I attended a leadership seminar in Malaga, and I’ve lost track of the number of courses I have put myself through in order to enhance my leadership skills. A smile can do wonders for morale. A smile and a joke and a light-hearted approach when working with your team will increase productivity three-fold.”

Christoph Grizzard, CEO of Avant Garde Milano has laid out a few steps to help anyone wanting to follow his philosophy and improve their business relations.

  1. Remember the ‘softly, softly’ approach. I know it’s a cliché, but this really does work. Treat your team like equals, and, more importantly, like professionals and they will reward you with high productivity.
  2. Lighten up. Smile. Crack a joke or two, but don’t try too hard. There is nothing more depressing than a leader who tries too hard to make his team laugh.
  3. Stick to positive feedback. Praise your team’s efforts and keep the criticism to an absolute minimum.
  4. Don’t micro-manage. Just stay out of the way and let the ideas flow. Nobody likes working with someone looking over their shoulder.
  5. Keep your expectations high. You’d be surprised at how hard a happy team will work to ensure they don’t let their leader down.
  6. Let what you do speak for you. Some of the most efficient workplaces run so well because everyone involved knows their job and wants to do it well – and that includes the leader.
  7. Share credit. If you’ve got a good team behind you they will all be pulling together to achieve the targets you set for them, so it’s only fair to share the credit when it all pays off.
  8. Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will be easier to deal with.

And remember, we have two ears but only one mouth, so a wise leader will listen twice as much as they speak.

Christoph Grizzard on 8 STEPS TO BETTER LEADERSHIP

~ Christoph Grizzard ~ CEO: Avant Garde Milano


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