Christoph Grizzard l Pinterest as a Business Tool?

Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard l Pinterest as a business toolChristoph Grizzard, CEO of Avant Garde Milano, thinks the latest networking playground could benefit your business.

Let’s be honest here – we all love gossip, don’t we? After all, isn’t that what social networking is all about? Sharing the latest rumours with friends, swapping jokes and showing off your newest clothes, gadgets and/or hairdos.

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media network in history, but is it here to stay or will it settle down and become another in a long line of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ social networking sites? Well, Christoph Grizzard, founder and CEO of Avant Garde Milano has been singing the praises of the newest social media site on the block.

“It’s informal, which I like. I wear my professional persona so much that sometimes it’s good to take things a little easier. Pinterest helps me do this. It’s also a good way to get to know people, to bond with those who share my interests or my sense of humour. From a business point-of-view, Pinterest also doesn’t spoil itself by being too complicated. In fact, the site is almost beautiful in its simplicity and this makes it the perfect place to get my business out in the public domain and mingling with prospective clients.”

The site is also good for covering demographics. At least 90% of Pinterest’s users are women, which Christoph Grizzard says is worth considering. “An increasing number of businesses these days are being set up and headed by women. And those that aren’t currently registered on Pinterest will have friends, associates or relations who are and thanks to something I like to call the ‘Twitter Effect’, interesting news will always spread by word-of-mouth from those who use social networking sites to those who do not.”

So how can you make sure your business is making the most of Pinterest? Christoph Grizzard, CEO of Avant Garde Milano has some thoughts on the subject; “Keep it simple. That’s the most important thing. Make sure the images you post are clear and easy to understand. This will focus the viewer’s attention exactly where you want it. Also, think about what you want to categorise your boards as, as search engines will pick up board names. This is a good way to bring in extra traffic.”

“Log in to the network a few minutes every day to see what’s new. Follow the people and brands that interest you, and that can be linked to your business, and don’t start following people until you’ve filled a few boards of your own. Like everything in the business world, with Pinterest you will always get out what you put in.”

~ Christoph Grizzard ~ CEO: Avant Garde Milano


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