Christoph Grizzard Offers Advice on Networking at Industry Events

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No matter what line of work you are in, it is always nice to attend events within your industry to network with other business professionals. It’s a great way to make all those much-needed contacts that are just waiting to be made all under one roof. Here, Christoph Grizzard, renowned motivational speaker and entrepreneur, offers advice on networking at industry events.

“I am often asked to speak at major events within a wide range of industries and one thing I notice is that some professionals simply aren’t comfortable networking amongst their peers,” Christoph Grizzard says. “Those who are comfortable often use a less-than-effective approach and with a few minor adjustments to their style, they could go home with a huge list of new contacts.”

Christoph Grizzard explains that events are not the time to sell yourself by expounding on the virtues of your products or services. He states that it is far better to talk to those you are meeting for the first time about what it is that they do and if you can help them in any way. Interest in the other person goes a whole lot farther than bragging about your own successes.

“I also notice that some people are simply uncomfortable in large groups of their peers. Here, I suggest that perhaps they would be better served to work the crowd with a friend who is in his or her element approaching new faces. In this way, you both make new contacts and the whole approach doesn’t come off as contrived. Remember, these are other business professionals and they can often spot your discomfort even before you do!”

Instead of approaching each new person with a modified sales pitch, Christoph Grizzard says that it is better to let your true personality out like you would when meeting new friends. Let these professionals see you for who you are, a real person with a great personality. That is something they will remember long after what it is you sell or manufacture. Every person in the room is in the same, or similar, line of work so if you want to be remembered – be yourself.

One final piece of advice Christoph has to offer is that you should take time before attending the conference to identify your personal and business goals. This is crucial because networking at events is all about making contacts that can further your goals. If you haven’t clearly defined them, it’s almost impossible to build a solid and focused network of contacts.

If you are planning on attending an industry event, take heed of this invaluable advice from Christoph Grizzard. As a gifted motivational speaker and entrepreneur who attends events around the world, there is no one in a better position to advise you on effective networking at conferences.

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