Christoph Grizzard on Content Marketing to Today’s Consumer

Content Marketing - Christoph Grizzard

There has been so much emphasis on content marketing that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition with traditional methods that worked even as recently as a couple of years ago. According to world renowned entrepreneur, Christoph Grizzard, over-saturation has created an atmosphere where consumers simply ‘turn it off.’ They are continually assaulted with content that doesn’t speak to them so they don’t want to waste their time weeding through it all.

“The problem with most marketers is that they don’t take enough time identifying their markets, their audiences. As a result, they are using content marketing techniques that speak to an audience that is far too broad. It is a waste of time and money,” says Christoph Grizzard, world renowned entrepreneur and public speaker.

Christoph explains that the very first, and probably most important, step in an effective content marketing campaign is to know and understand your audience. It is imperative to know who you are speaking to if you want to increase your market share. “Once you know their language, their wants and needs, it’s easy to address them in a way that will engage them in your products or services.”

Also, it is important to continue addressing them over time. Christoph Grizzard refers to the old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ You don’t need to barrage them with content but you do need to consistently make your presence known and also, if you want to build brand and be remembered, “Try something out of the ordinary,” he says. Don’t be like every other marketer out there but establish a unique voice that will be remembered. It could be funny or witty or just unusual enough to be unlike anything else out there.

Christoph Grizzard also believes that an effective content marketing campaign should take advantage of visual content. He advises that visuals speak in clear succinct messages in few words. Use videos, infographics and even an occasional picture that says quickly what would take pages to explain. Today’s consumer is impatient and will likely pass over long posts whereas a simple graphic may grab their attention, prompting them to read more.

Finally, Christoph Grizzard notes that it is always a good idea to use a fresh voice or perspective from time to time. “This is why I am often called on to speak at conferences. What I have to say is going to be different than what they are hearing on a daily basis and it helps motivate marketers to bring innovation to their strategies.”

“Just remember that today’s consumer is being bombarded with content that they have no interest in. Keep your content fresh and interesting and talk to them in their own ‘language’ and you’ve won a following.” That’s what effective content marketing is all about.

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