Christoph Grizzard on the Importance of Hungering for Knowledge

Christoph Grizzard - Knowledge

In the beginning, when just starting out in the business of direct marketing, Christoph Grizzard never saw this as a lifelong journey. Coming from humble beginnings he simply saw it as a great industry to learn about. As his career took off and he began reaching the top of his game, it dawned on him that this is where everything he had been and done until this time led up to where he was as a world renowned marketing entrepreneur.

“What I discovered was that having been a student for so long, I never stopped hungering for knowledge. Wherever my travels took me I saw an opportunity for growth. From starting out in direct sales – running my own direct marketing firm in the UK, everything was a learning adventure and one that I cherished wholeheartedly.”

Christoph is on his way back to his roots in the southeast of the US and is setting up in Nashville where it all began. On his way back home he made stops in key markets such as Philadelphia, Miami, Manhattan and even in Jersey City where he gained insights into what he could improve on, as well as what he had been doing that brought him the high level of success he has earned.

“It finally struck me where so many entrepreneurs have faltered along the way, and that is in failing to continue their lifelong path of educating themselves. Technology never stops just because you have reached the top. If you don’t stay on top of new ideas and ways of doing things you will soon be left behind,” Christoph notes.

He goes on to explain that as technology advances, it becomes easier to do the routine tasks that often took too much time away from interacting with peers and clients. It is vital to continue learning new ways of letting technology work for you so that you have more time on your hands to work for your clients. “We are the face of our clients and unless we have the time to get out and engage with their customers we are not doing our clients any great service.”

In the end, Christoph Grizzard believes that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have reached the pinnacle of your career and so it’s time to sit back on your laurels. Rather, he believes that it takes constant learning and keeping up with the times if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition. His advice is to learn from his ‘student mentality’ and never stop learning. An entrepreneur is only as good as his ability to grow and without continual hunger for knowledge you’ll be left behind while others advance.

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