Christoph Grizzard Reveals the Benefits of Face to Face Marketing

Christoph Grizzard | Face to Face Marketing

To start a business that’s going to grow and be successful, it’s essential to have a great product or a great service that really meets the needs of modern consumers. It’s just as essential to have a powerful marketing strategy in place which will help them select your offering instead of that of a competitor. With so many marketing methods now available it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here, Christoph Grizzard reveals how a face to face approach should form the basis of any integrated marketing policy.

“We live in a fast paced technological world, but sometimes the older traditional methods are still the best”, said entrepreneur and public speaker Christoph Grizzard. “Having a consistent and integrated marketing policy can help your sales and brand recognition grow, and from experience I know that direct face to face marketing brings in results that other marketing platforms find difficult to match.”

A well developed marketing and communications strategy should be at the heart of any business plan. After all, there’s little point having a great product if the public doesn’t find out about it. With modern technology to the fore, start up entrepreneurs may assume that things such as pay per click advertising and SEO strategies are the way to boost their profile, but often they have little effect. Studies have shown that many consumers simply become ‘blind’ to ads and banners on websites, while others resent what they see as an intrusion on their internet browsing. This can damage brand loyalty instead of building it.

Direct marketing, despite newer technologically-dependent methods, continues to thrive. A study in Australia found that direct marketing represents over 50% of all media spending, and it is also growing in the UK. Face to face marketing is perhaps the most effective form of direct marketing of them all. Consumers appreciate the opportunity of seeing the human face of a company, and having a real two way interaction. As the Australian study shows, a significant percentage of consumers say that it provides useful information, and helps them make informed buying decisions.

“There are many advantages that come from using face to face marketing, not least of which is the great value that it provides”, said Christoph Grizzard. “It also allows potential customers to get up close to a product, and to actually try it out, which is a very powerful promotional tool.”

Christoph Grizzard is an expert in direct marketing, and also helps businesses across Europe through mentoring services and public speaking events.

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