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Christoph Grizzard - Big business

Most start up businesses dream of growing and becoming a big business, a market leader of whatever sector they’re in. What better way is there of learning than following the examples of successful companies who have already been there and achieved success? A recent report on looked at the examples that one entrepreneur learned from his time working at the finance giant Goldman Sachs. Here, Christoph Grizzard review the report, and look at how useful it can be study the way that big businesses operate.

“Just because a business operates on a global level, doesn’t mean that small or start up businesses can’t learn from it”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Many of these leading businesses have got where they are because of the corporate culture that they’ve developed. By looking at examples such as Goldman Sachs, smart businesses can see which practices could be adopted by them, and how it would improve their business.”

The writer of the report had enjoyed extensive interactions with Goldman Sachs throughout a career in the financial sector. He acknowledges that Goldman Sachs, like many other firms, made some errors in the run up to the economic downturn, but is confident that their strong culture will see them regain their outstanding reputation. One reason for this is that Goldman Sachs stick to their principles. They have published and publicised the 14 core principles that they want to drive their business. Even if a new CEO comes in, the principles remain the same. This continuity is great for the company and clients.

Another point raised is that Goldman Sachs put an emphasis on creativity. This isn’t a word that many would associate with banking, but they are never afraid of being bold and innovative. This was shown by their involvement in the corporate bond issue for Apple, the largest corporate bond issue in history. They also place an emphasis on a pursuit of excellence. They put the client first, and achieve this by only taking on clients and projects that they really want, and listening rather than talking all the time.

“One of the most impressive things about Goldman Sachs is that even they’re spectacularly successful, they’re still looking for new ways to operate”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Innovation is a great quality to have in any sector, and entrepreneurs should never be afraid to be bold and take a new approach.”

Christoph Grizzard know all about innovation. His companies bespoke and exciting marketing campaigns produce great results for their clients, through new customers and increased brand awareness.

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