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Christoph Grizzard - Inspiration

Some people believe that where you start in life can affect the rest of it, but successful entrepreneurs have come from all backgrounds. A BBC report looked at the inspirational story of how Jason Wolfe went from rock bottom to business high flyer. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews this report, and reflect upon the importance of inspiration.

“Entrepreneurs like Jason Wolfe make a big difference to the world we live in”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Becoming an entrepreneur can be hard work, particularly in the beginning, and it’s easy to become disheartened. That’s why it’s important to take inspiration from real life success stories, and realise the rewards that hard work and ingenuity can bring.”

At the age of ten, Jason Wolfe found himself sent to an orphanage. His mother was disabled, struggling to cope on welfare parents, and unable to look after all of her children. When asked if he thought he would ever become an entrepreneur as an adult, Jason Wolfe replied that he didn’t even think that he would be alive. Life in the orphanage was tough, physically and emotionally, and it would have been easy to use it as an excuse to achieve little in life. Wolfe, however, found a source of inspiration.

The orphanage he stayed at was the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It had been established by Milton Hershey himself, founder of the world famous confectionery company that produces Hershey chocolate bars. Gradually, Wolfe realised that his start in no life was no bar to him becoming a similar success in life. He became resilient, and realised that he was strong enough to overcome anything. He now owns, a US based company that has a revenue of over $110 million dollars a year. In the report, he recounts a life changing moment that happened one Christmas Day. He was cold and hungry, wrapped in a blanket. A knock came to the door. When his mother opened it, they found a stranger had left a box of gifts for them all. Years later, the new entrepreneur would decide to base his business upon gift giving.

“It’s important that we share inspirational stories from business leaders such as Jason Wolfe”, said Christoph Grizzard “I always share these success stories with the people I work with. It helps to motivate them, and shows that it’s not where you start that matters, but where you end up.”

All businesses, including Hershey and have started at the beginning. If you want your business to become as successful as theirs, then Christoph Grizzard can give you all the help you need with marketing campaigns and customer acquisition.

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