Christoph Grizzard Review the Rise in Job Applications

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Businesses across the USA are looking to take on new staff as they start to grow again due to the ongoing economic recovery. Each job application, however, is being over subscribed by applicants who are desperate to launch a career for themselves. A recent report looked at the way one particular retailer was flooded with job applications. Here, Christoph Grizzard review this report, and look at the opportunities and challenges it presents to businesses nationwide.

“It’s positive news that the green shoots of recovery are now being seen, and that companies are starting to recruit again”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Many people, however, were left jobless by the economic downturn, and are now looking to find work again. This means that businesses have to look at the way that they recruit, and review their selection processes.”

One thing the report stresses was the high standard of the applicants as a whole. There are now people on the market who have a lot of experience, as well as school and university leavers who are looking for their first position. With so many applicants, hard decisions have to be made. Candidates who would have had a great chance of landing a job previously, may now not even make it to the interview stage. The figures shown in the report relate to the retail sector, but all kinds of businesses are finding that they too are being inundated with job applications, from manufacturing to sales.

“Our company too has been expanding due to increased demands from clients in Nashville”, said Christoph Grizzard. “We got a stunning response to our job advertisements. It meant that we were able to find very high calibre members of staff, but also meant we had to spend longer selecting candidates to ensure that we hadn’t missed the person we were looking for.”

With business starting to boom again, a new direct marketing campaign can give your business a competitive advantage. The newly expanded team that works with Christoph Grizzard can create bespoke campaigns that meet all your requirements.

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