Christoph Grizzard Review the Things Businesses Can Learn From Basketball

Christoph Grizzard - Basketball

Basketball is a fast, high octane game where split second decisions can mean the difference between ultimate success and failure. The same definition could be applied to the world of business, but the similarities don’t end there. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine looked at the things that business people could learn from the basketball court. Here, Christoph Grizzard review the article and consider the synergy between sport and business.

“Like many people, I love sports, both watching and playing, but basketball is one of my very favorites, and I watch it whenever I get the chance”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Basketball at NBA level is huge business in itself, of course, but it’s fascinating to think of all the parallels between basketball and business. That’s why entrepreneurs should always be prepared to head onto the court, and slam dunk their way to success.”

The article is penned by Mat Ishbia, and there couldn’t be a person more qualified to write it. Mat is now the CEO of a highly successful company called United Shore, but not too long ago he was the point guard for the Michigan State basketball group. During his time there, they became one of the most successful members in collegiate basketball, winning three Big Ten championships and one NCAA championship. His experiences on a basketball court have also helped shape his business philosophy and taught him valuable lessons.

The first lesson is to avoid complacency. Basketball members who achieve initial success are always looking for the tougher challenges to come. They work hard to ensure they don’t achieve moderate success, but ultimate success. working together is also essential in basketball, just as it is in business. An entrepreneur should surround themselves with players who are prepared to give everything they’ve got. Mat also learned that leadership dictates success. Somebody has to take the lead, and be prepared to make tough decisions, whether it’s the coach or the founding entrepreneur. The final lesson is that the harder they train, the luckier they get. Always look to improve your skills and practices, and eventually success will come.

“This great article shows that in basketball and business, the key factors to becoming a winner are dedication, belief, and hard work”, said Christoph Grizzard. “You may never have hit a three pointer on the basketball court, but you can certainly score a victory in the world of business.”

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