Christoph Grizzard Reviews Business Attitudes to the EU

Christoph Grizzard | EU and the UK

We’re just six months away from the next General Election, but it seems as if the main parties are already in full campaigning mode. One issue more than any other has been a hot potato for the parties, as shown in two recent by-elections: the United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe. With David Cameron promising a referendum on EU membership if he forms the next government, a recent survey by the Confederation for British Industry looked at whether business leaders wanted in or out of the European Union. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews the survey, and looks at the impact that elections and referenda can have on business.

“We live in a global economy, so it’s important that we have strong trading links with our closest economic partners”, said entrepreneur and public speaker Christoph Grizzard. “Europe is the main destination for our exports, and this is why so many business people want to retain strong ties with the European Union. If the referendum takes place, it will be fascinating to see the arguments put forward, for and against.”

The success of the UK Independence Party in recent elections has propelled the issue of Europe to the front of the nation’s conscience, and because of this it’s easy to get the impression that we are a Euro-sceptic nation as a whole. A recent survey of the public, however, showed that if a referendum were held today, a clear majority would vote to remain within the EU. The situation was even more emphatic when the CBI asked their members for their views. 71% of respondents said that EU membership had been positive for their business, while just 10% said that they would be in favour of leaving the EU.

Respondents were also asked for their reasons for voting yes or no. 86% said that leaving the EU would damage their access to trading markets and overseas investment, and 59% said that it would make the UK less competitive as a whole. More than one in three respondents also said that they would cut their own business investment if the UK exited the European Union, with less than ten percent saying that they would invest more.

“UK business leaders have given a clear message that they want to stay within the EU”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Will their argument be enough to carry the day? Elections and referendums can create a period of uncertainty that can affect shares and money markets, and business as a whole. It’s essential, therefore, that entrepreneurs concentrate on creating robust structures, and develop unique products and services that give them a competitive advantage over business rivals.”

Christoph Grizzard is himself an entrepreneurial success story, and his public speaking events help businesses and entrepreneurs find effective ways to improve their own performances.

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