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In business, we all form and belong to networks, whether we know it or not. By introducing people from one network of people to another, we can help them, but we also help ourselves by expanding our contacts. Introductions are essential in business, but making successful introductions can be harder than you think. A recent article on looked at how to make perfect introduction. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews the article, and looks at how to make the most of introductions.

“Networking is an essential part of being an entrepreneur”, said businessman and public speaker Christoph Grizzard. “That’s why introductions are so important, both making them and receiving them. By carefully considering the introductions that you’re going to make, you can make them as useful as possible for all parties involved.”

An entrepreneur will know a wide circle of people who possess very different skills. Many of these people could be of assistance to others within the circle, but the problem comes from deciding who should be introduced to whom. The average Facebook person has 338 friends on the platform. Mathematics tells us that this means there are nearly 57,000 introductions that could be made between them. When we take into account social contacts and contacts on LinkedIn, this figure can be much higher.

To establish which contacts can be of most use to which other contacts, it helps to sort them into clusters or groupings, depending on what they do. For example, you could have clusters of mentors, clusters of startup entrepreneurs, clusters of suppliers, and clusters of investors. This helps you decide who could be of benefit to which other party. The writer of the article makes one such introduction per day. He also makes sure that he has at least one interaction per day with the 30 most useful people on his social media networks. In this way, true mutually-beneficial business relationships can be built.

“I mentor startup entrepreneurs, so it’s always good to be able to introduce them to people who can help their business careers”, said Christoph Grizzard. “Business people should always keep in touch with contacts, and look for opportunities to make introductions that can them grow. This will inevitably lead to people doing the same for you.”

No business is an island, which is why it’s important to have as many high quality contacts, in as many different yet relevant areas, as possible. The public speaking events given by Christoph Grizzard provide networking opportunities and other helpful advice on how to grow a business.

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