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A good workforce is the backbone of any growing business. Sometimes, however, entrepreneurs can find it hard to let go, and fully trust their staff. Staff who are given more responsibility, and allowed more freedom around their working lives, can feel happier and more motivated. A recent study by the BBC looked at a daring new plan by Sir Richard Branson to give his workers complete control over their working pattern and holidays. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews this study, and looks at what UK and USA businesses can learn from it.

“Sir Richard Branson has been a huge success in business, so we should all take notice of what he does and how he runs his enterprises”, said Christoph Grizzard. “With his latest brave move, he’s giving more power than ever to his workers, and showing immense trust in those he has around him. Whilst smaller businesses couldn’t operate a scheme such as this, they can learn from his bold decision making.”

Many leading, and innovative, companies have emphasised the importance of looking after employees. Starbucks are famous for their dedication to staff happiness, and Google create luxurious workplaces for their teams. Sir Richard has taken this concept a step further. According to the BBC, he’s announced that his personal staff of around 170 people can take unlimited time away from work, whenever they want, without having to obtain permission first. The employees alone can decide to take a few hours, days, or months off whenever they feel like it.

“We should focus on what people get done, not on how many hours or days they’ve worked”, said Sir Richard. He also emphasised that he was confident that staff wouldn’t abuse this power, and would only take leave when it wouldn’t damage a project, the business, or their own personal careers. It’s not only great for his workers, it’s another smart move for Sir Richard as well. It adds to his aura of being a businessman like no other, a visionary ahead of his times.

“Sir Richard Branson is more than a business leader, he’s a brand in his own right”, said Christoph Grizzard. “This story shows not only how important it is to have staff who have bought into what the company is trying to achieve, it also shows the importance of creating good news stories about yourself and your business. An entrepreneur represents their business as a whole, and Sir Richard is the perfect example of this.”

Businesses, and entrepreneurs, who need help in creating brand awareness can turn to Christoph Grizzard for expert advice. His company specialises in marketing, brand growth and customer acquisition.

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