Christoph Grizzard Reviews the Importance of the Intranet

Christoph Grizzard | Intranet

Every modern business uses the internet, but do enough companies have an internal intranet as well? If you think that intranets are only useful for large organisations then think again. A recent study by Elcom looks at the advantages that an intranet can bring for SMEs. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews the report, and identifies key benefits.

“Communication is the most important thing of all in the world of business, whether it’s with consumers, clients or business partners”, said entrepreneur and public speaker Christoph Grizzard. “Many businesses don’t realise the communication advantages that having their own intranet can bring. It can make their operations quicker and leaner, and help workers feel more engaged.”

Many offices are drowning under a sea of communication. There are emails being sent from one part of the business to another, paperwork piling up on desks, and policy documents to review. Wouldn’t it be good if this could be simplified? That’s what an intranet can offer. It’s like an internet-in-miniature, that can only be accessed by members of your organisation. Controls can be put in place, so that people working in your organisation can only look at the information that’s relevant to them. One of the most useful things about an intranet is that it can hold company guidelines, and act as a corporate Wiki. Workers can consult it for help and advice, bringing speedier resolutions to any problems they have.

Discussion boards can also be utilised, creating a sense of togetherness among workers, and encouraging them to buy into the corporate culture. These can also be used to provide knowledge management. The intranet can be used to store training materials, to publish webinars, or to alert workers to any important changes or events that are taking place. The workforce becomes more knowledgeable about the business as a whole, whatever their individual role is.

“Advances in technology mean that intranets are now more affordable, and more powerful, than ever before”, said Christoph Grizzard. “That’s why I recommend them to businesses of all sizes. A particularly useful aspect of an intranet, is that it can be used to encourage creativity and innovation. Workers can share their ideas on the intranet, and receive feedback from their peers.”

Innovation and creativity are essential factors in business growth, and are just two of the subjects that Christoph Grizzard discusses at his public speaking events. He can help businesses of all sizes take their success to a new level.

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