Christoph Grizzard Reviews the Rise of Social Media

Christoph Grizzard | Social Media

If there’s one thing more than any other that’s had an effect on our world today, it’s social media. There are a growing number of social media platforms, and a growing number of users who can’t get enough of them. It’s changed the way we express ourselves, and allowed people to communicate instantly with others across the globe. Social media has also had a huge impact on businesses in all sectors. A recent report by the Office for National Statistics looks at the rise of social media for business use. Here, Christoph Grizzard reviews this study, and looks at how social media can be used positively by entrepreneurs.

“Like most others today, I love to use social media platforms”, said businessman and public speaker Christoph Grizzard. “Although they are fun, that’s not all they are, they’re also great for business. They allow entrepreneurs to connect and network with their peers in a virtual environment, as well as providing an opportunity to get genuine consumer feedback on your products and services. I see it as a great way to build my personal brand.”

The most recent study by the ONS looks at business usage of social media in 2012. It found that 96% of businesses had internet access, and that 44% of them used social media. Because the trend was upwards, it’s likely that both of those figures are higher now. The study also shows that the larger a business is, the more likely it is to use social media for business purposes. 81% of businesses employing over a thousand people utilised social media, but only 42% of companies employing between 10 and 49 people did.

By far the most commonly used form of social media were the platforms, such as Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This was followed by business blogging, and then multimedia sharing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, businesses in the information and communication sector were the most likely to use social media. What do businesses use it for? The official figures show that 33% use it to develop a business image, or to market products and services. 23% used it to source customer opinion, and 12% used it for recruitment purposes.

“This study shows that businesses are using social media for all the right reasons”, said Christoph Grizzard. “It’s a pity, however, that less smaller businesses are using it, because they’re the ones who could benefit most. When using social media, entrepreneurs must be careful about what they say, and how they say it. By choosing their words carefully they can improve their brand recognition and gain new followers and customers.”

Businesses of all sizes can also benefit from the entrepreneurial and marketing advice that Christoph Grizzard specialises in. His public speaking events can help businesses discover, and take advantage of, new opportunities.

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