Christoph Grizzard Reviews Why Subscriptions are a Great Way to Sell Services

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In all different kinds of businesses, it is important to keep your customers for the long term. When you sell products to a customer, this usually means you want them to stay loyal to your brand and keep on buying things from you. With services, you simply need your clients to keep using the service you provide. For many service-based companies, one of the best ways to keep customers with you for the long term is to sell your service on a subscription basis, so they have a contract with you that they keep paying for on a monthly (or other regular period) basis. Marketing specialist Christoph Grizzard works with a number of service-based clients and all of them sell their services as subscriptions. Here, we hear Christoph Grizzard review why this is such a powerful sales model:

‘When a customer subscribes to your service, they are making a commitment to carry on buying and using it. Obviously this is great for a business because you have predictable long term sales, but there are other benefits too. When your customers subscribe they become part of your user base for what can essentially be a permanent relationship. You can connect with them, you can offer them new services or upgrades to their package, and you can also encourage them to recommend you to others with incentives. These are all great ways to harness the relationship you get with long term clients to turn it into more sales’ Christoph Grizzard explained.

‘When I am working with companies who run subscription-based sales models, I find often that while retaining customers once you have won them is quite simple, provided you give them a very good service and keep in touch with them, getting people to sign up in the first place can be harder than getting people to make a one off purchase, because as I said, there is a commitment involved. This is why good marketing is essential when you are selling subscriptions to a service. You have to be able to persuade your target customers that you can offer them a reliable and valuable service, and that they are entering into a deal that offers value for money. Often, it is easiest to do this when you use direct marketing and give people a chance to get face-to-face with someone from your company’ Christoph Grizzard concluded.

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