Christoph Grizzard Talks About His New Title as a Laird of Dunans Estate

Christoph Grizzard

Leading entrepreneur Christoph Grizzard cares a lot about the heritage of the nation, and believes in the importance of restoring historical sites that give the UK its own unique identity. As a result of this, when he was offered the opportunity to become a laird of Castle Dunan in Scotland in return for an investment in the castle’s ongoing restoration and preservation, he leapt at the chance. Titles such as ‘laird’ which originally belonged to Scottish aristocracy can now be granted to people who do outstanding things to help with the cultural and social heritage of Scotland, and Christoph Grizzard is extremely proud that he now bears the title of Laird of the Dunans.

‘I am deeply passionate about the cultural and social importance of landmarks like Dunans Castle.’ began Christoph Grizzard when asked about his new title. ‘I am happy to be involved financially in the restoration of the castle, but it is special to me to gain the title of laird, as it really connects me with the site and gives me a real sense of being part of a special and important Scottish lineage.’ he continued.

‘Titles may seem silly or meaningless in the modern age, but it is a nice way to have appreciation for investing in the ongoing restoration and development of such a beautiful and important Scottish location. Being a laird also affords certain benefits in terms of being part of a community of other people with a similar interest in looking after Dunan Castle who have also become lairds or ladies of the estate.’

Christoph Grizzard has long been proud to be part of the local and international business community, and to factor as part of the current promising economic situation in Scotland. Being involved with Dunan Castle as a laird is just another way in which he believes he can make a contribution to the country he loves.

‘I am always happy when I can do things that let me show my passion for Scotland, and this opportunity to get involved as a laird of Dunan Castle has been a particularly appealing one. It is important to me that what makes Scotland special as a country is preserved for future generations, and our beautiful castles like Dunan are a major part of this. To be part of assuring its future is a really great thing for me, and I hope the other people involved in the lairds and ladies programme are just as thrilled as I am.’ he finished.

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