Entrepreneur Christoph Grizzard Excited by Initial Successes in Nashville

Christoph Grizzard - Nashville

Whenever opening a new business of any kind, from a small one-man-show to a larger corporate venture, there are certain elements that must be in place before that business can expect to turn a profit. Recently Christoph Grizzard expanded to the Nashville market and the initial successes added up to a great deal of excitement. Within just the first week his marketing group received a ton of calls from clients wishing them the very best and with a strong client base, the calls were numerous indeed.

Christoph Grizzard says that having a cheering section is always important because he feels that it is easier to build momentum when there is the power of positive reinforcement behind any endeavor. “It’s like watching your favorite athlete compete for the title in his or her respective sport. There is a sort of fever pitch that develops as fans start cheering them on, adding momentum as the new startup rolls across the start line.”

Of course other elements which must always be in place include a sound business plan. Without a plan very little else can be accomplished and entrepreneurs find that like floundering in the dark. “There may be a light switch there somewhere but without the blueprint for a room you’ve never been in, how to you find that switch?” Christoph Grizzard asks. Knowing where everything is at the moment, the state of your finances for one thing, and where you expect to be down the road is vital and something that a good business plan will detail.

“Your business plan will also bring in financial backers and make loans available if you can show that your plan is sound,” Christoph Grizzard adds. “But a plan and such necessary evils as good insurance coverage are not enough if you lack the optimism to see your dream through to the end.” So what Christoph is saying here is that while every business has tangible needs that must be in place, there is nothing quite like that goodwill that is the ultimate in intangible prerequisites for a successful startup.

After just one week in Nashville, there is already a good bit of activity and this Christoph Grizzard attributes to the combination of having all his ducks in a row along with his cheering section of clients who offer their support on his newest endeavor. His initial successes are causing his entire team a great deal of excitement and all are looking forward to a prosperous 2016.

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